Welcome to the Northwest Municipal Services road permit site.

  1. When are NWMS Permit coordinators available to help me?

    Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm MST.

  2. If I don't register an account, can I still purchase a permit?

    Only permit site users with approved company accounts can purchase permits on the website. If you have questions about setting up an account or need a password reset, please contact the NWMS permit coordinators at 306-387-6800 or permits@rmwilton.ca.

  3. I set up a user account; what's next?

    Please call or email NWMS and a coordinator will approve your account. If you do not contact NWMS once you have submitted a user account for approval, the account will not be approved.

    Once your account is approved, you will need to sign in and submit a company profile / account for approval on the website. When this is complete, you will be able to purchase permits.

  4. I can't get into my user account; what do I do?

    Contact NWMS permit coordinators; they will help you with a password reset or offer suggestions on resolutions for non-password related issues.

  5. I'm in a rush; can I get a manually issued permit?

    NWMS permit coordinators will not manually issue permits. If you are unable to set up an account, please contact a third-party company to purchase the required permit on your behalf.

  6. Can NWMS tell me if a certain company has an account on the website?

    NWMS permit coordinators are unable to provide information regarding other users' accounts to anyone other than the account holder.

  7. How long is a permit valid for?

    All permits (excluding Annual Front Axle Steer Permits) can be purchased up to three days in advance and are valid only for the date listed at the top of the permit for the trip specified on the permit.

    Annual front Axle Steer Permits are valid for 365 days, beginning on the date the permit is purchased.

  8. I have purchased a permit but need to change the route. What do I do?

    NWMS is not able to make any changes to an issued permit. You will have to cancel that permit by completing a "Refund Request" (available under "Refund Policy"). This will cancel the issued permit and process a refund. You would then purchase a new Permit with the necessary changes/updates.

  9. How do I know if I will be traveling on a road with a permanent weight restriction?

    Please request a road classification map from the permit coordinator or view online at nwroadpermits.com (under Road Restrictions).

  10. Do overweight permits cover roads with permanent weight restrictions?

    Overweight permits are not valid on roads with permanent weight restrictions. If you require access to a location via a weight restricted road and are unable to make the weight restriction, please call the permit coordinators.

  11. How do I know if I meet weights?

    RM road orders can be viewed at nwroadpermits.com and rmwilton.ca. If you need more information about how your unit fits into our Road Order, please contact SGI Permits at 1-800-667-7575 or http://www.highways.gov.sk.ca/weightdimensionguide.

  12. How do I get up to date road information about the RM of Wilton / What weight is the RM at right now?

    All up to date information (including Road Orders and road closures) is posted on nwroadpermits.com. If you would like to be added to our mass email or fax list to receive notices regarding road closures, construction, and road orders, please call or email the NWMS Permit Coordinators.

  13. Will the NWMS Permit Coordinators tell me how much I can haul under the current road order?

    NWMS Permit coordinators are available to help you navigate the NWMS permit site, provide up to date information about the condition of RM roads, and the availability of permits. It is the driver's responsibility to determine what volume is acceptable under the current road order.

  14. Once I obtain my permit, can it be cancelled?

    The RM of Wilton has the right to cancel any permit at any time due to road or weather conditions. If the RM cancels a permit you have purchased, you will be notified and refunded.

    If you would like to cancel a permit, please navigate to your Invoice History and choose the Refund option.

    All refunds will be made to the purchasing credit card.

  15. What is a Level of Service Agreement?

    Consent to a level of service agreement prior to purchasing a permit is required by the RM of Wilton. Level of service agreements are partnered with all permits (except “Winter”, "Rural Standard" and “Secondary Plus” permits, when available) in order to ensure the RM is able to develop and improve roads to the standard required to support industry traffic. If you would like more information about Level of Service Agreements, please call the RM office 306-387-6244.

Last Updated: 2016-12-16