Welcome to the Northwest Municipal Services road permit site.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following Shipping Policy before accessing and using this Website.

How the Transaction Process Works. A variety of commercial road permits can be purchased via this Website. Upon selection and purchase of the permit appropriate to a user’s needs, this permit will become immediately available to the user, and a record of this transaction will appear within a new window on the user’s Web browser or mobile device. This record of purchase can be easily printed and/or archived by the user. The user can also sign into their account on nwroadpermits.com and view the road permit purchase history.

Notification of Incomplete Transactions. In certain cases, a commercial road permit will not be available for purchase. If a user attempts to purchase a road permit that is not available for purchase, the user’s credit card will not be charged, and the purchase will be indicated as PENDING on the user’s Web browser or mobile device. The user will then receive an Email notification indicating why the permit cannot be purchased.

Last Updated: 11/02/2012